about me


Hey there! I’m Andrew White AKA Rainstorminspace. I am a photographer and videographer by trade and when I’m not backpacking around the world looking for new adventures, I specialize in video marketing storytelling. My passion for creation stems from my childhood love of science fiction and fantasy stories but as I grew up I realized that “Marauding Dragon Slayer” wasn’t a very common job title and that I needed to plan for a radical career change. Fortunately I fell into photography rather easily due to the guidance of my pro photographer roommate and I had my work published after my very first job. This success and the excitement of the shoot encouraged me to pursue a life behind the camera that I have enjoyed for the past several years now. I’d like to think that eventually I will be able to take the kinds of pictures that can change the world but until then I am perfecting my craft and looking to partner with businesses that share my values. I help businesses solve their problems by using video to more effectively communicate, to upgrade systems, and to automate entire practices that otherwise eat up time and show little ROI.

I have always been passionate about stories and now am able to help people tell their own stories to the world.

This is who I am. This is what I do.

Now let’s talk about you.